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Sports Car Market

McCormick had good reason to celebrate here, with 342 of 484 lots selling for a record $5.7m total. With their February auction, the McCormick family celebrated 25 years in business and their 50th auction.

And they celebrated in style with a Mumm's champagne reception prior to the Friday evening session of the auction. It must have been a harbinger of good things to come, as the auction results blew the doors off any of the prior events, with a record sell-through rate of 71% and a record sales total of close to $6m - a very successful auction indeed. That is not to say that McCormick didn't present their usual assortment of vehicular oddities.

Where else can you bluy a 1972 T-bird for $1,260? Yes, it had some needs, but with imagination and a lot of weekend hours, you might just have something. And I, of course, have to mention the 1952 Schwinn Phantom bicycle that sold for $3,045. I'm willing to bet the buyer did not get it for his kid. Keith McCormick was featured in the local paper wearing his characteristic red lace tennis shoes and discussing Trini Lopez's 1966 Rolls-Royce Park Ward convertible. While it's doubtful anyone in their 20s remembers him, he had a number of hits long ago.

Source: Sports Car Market Magazine
Classic Car Auctions
Classic Car Auctions

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